Lower Commission & Free Home Warranty

Welcome 2019 with expert real estate market information, a free home warranty and a reduced listing commission program!
If you are considering a move in the next 18 months, NOW is the time to begin the preparation process and do the math! Your home is typically your most valuable asset. Understanding its true market value in conjunction with current market conditions, condition and competition.
Factors that WILL affect selling price and time on market include:

  • Market Conditions & Interest Rates
  • Competitive Home Values (comps) –  proximity, size, age, condition, upgrades
  • Deferred Maintenance & End of Life Factors – flooring, roof, mechanicals, deck, landscaping, counters, fixtures, materials & colors
  • Subdivision Amenities, HOA Costs & Condition

Combined with these factors are the costs of upgrades/updates and how they will affect the selling time and market value of your home.  Ultimately, there is a fine line in return n investment that will ultimately be determined by the buyer’s a certified appraisal. The best way to maximize your return AND avoid over spending is to work with a knowledgeable local Realtor (not the home improvement company!).  For your best staging and ROI, call us for a free market review of your home.
Livingston is the fastest growing community in Michigan, and it was ranked #1 in per capita income surpassing Oakland County in 2017.  As a largely suburban and rural county the make-up of communities and their values vary significantly compared to our more urban neighboring counties.  The local, full-time real estate professionals with the Gerardi Group at Coldwell Banker live, work, shop & serve in Livingston County with pride.
When you work with us to sell your current home and buy another, we have a discount commission program and a FREE home warranty up to $500 as our gift to you for working with us.
Free Instant Market Analysis
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